January 22, 2020

Jayakanth Parthasarathy

“Very exited my wife’s PR was finally approved. We want to say thanks to Praveen who is our Immigration consultant. Our case is vary difficult to get success. My wife’s tourist visa was refused twice, So I also changed three different immigration consultants, However, Immigration New Zealand still not approved her tourist visa application and previous immigration consultants made lots of misleading. In the toughest time, My friend introduced Smart Career to me, At first I didn’t have much hope, we just wanted to try, and there was no better way to us. Peter used his expertise and years of immigration experience to help us analysis and write explanation letter. In 2019 My wife’s tourist visa has been approved. In 2019 March my wife came to New Zealand and stayed with me, In 2019 we apply the Permanent Residence Visa, this is the most difficult one to get for us. Because my wife has been refused twice on tourist visa, and the immigration asked a lot of tricky questions. But Smart Career overseas was very patient and gave us the most direct advice and helped us write an explanation letter again. Because of their professional approach Finally My wife’s Permanent Residence Visa has been approved on December/2020. For these guys, it may be just one of many applications, but it is of great significance to us. We can start our own lives in New Zealand. So we want to say thank you so much and wish all the best for you.